Originally from the Bronx, NY, she started training over 10 years ago. She was first certified in NESTA and always put her functional training towards everyone she has trained.

Deb has taken her knowledge of functional and specific training and put effort towards coming up with a now growing program called Tactical Strength and Conditioning Training.

deb ws bioThe program is geared towards the specific function of emergency personnel and keeping them safe.


GIFT, (Gray Institute for Functional Transformation)
Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification
National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association

Over all she has dedicated her time and knowledge to helping each and every person that comes to her for training.


Getting to know Deborah:

Q: Why did you become a Personal Trainer?
“My inspiration for becoming a personal trainer was my grandmother who had trouble walking. I made a promise to her to help people move much easier and without pain.”

Q: How do you stay in shape?
“I always try to keep myself moving by walking, 3-D movement stretching, and 3-D exercises.”

Q: Three words to best describe you?
Happy, Hopeful, Sarcastic