Our personal trainers focus on improving functional movement in all 3 planes of motion. 

We utilize total body training designed to work you out the way the body is supposed to move.  What we know about the body is that it is supposed to move in all directions in exercise which is very much how we move throughout our day!gallery

It is very seldom that people just move forward and backward, this is why we believe it makes very little sense only training front and back (sagital plane).  What we hope to accomplish with our program is developing over all health and good body mechanics.  By training in all 3 planes of motion you condition your body in such a way that it is less susceptible to injury and fatigue when doing something you are not used to doing.

Flexibility and mobility are key components to our program as well and help address muscular imbalances and joint stiffness.

At Cornerstone Health and Wellness, our personal trainers address the movement of the body as a precursor to all fitness goals and we are very confident that our training works and will get you the results you desire.  We truly love what we do here, and seeing personal transformation in people is a great thing. I know all of our health coaches are passionate about what we offer and how we can help people live a healthier lifestyle.  So come join us and get in the best shape of your life pain free!

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Our Mission at Cornerstone Health and Wellness

Our Belief behind Cornerstone Health and Wellness and our CS3DT program, challenges the status quo but that is because we believe exercise should be mobile and functional, we believe exercise should inspire you and it should make you better mentally and physically.  We believe that exercise and a healthy lifestyle should be the 1st step to balance in life, not only does it make you stronger and healthier but it builds your mind and helps create leaders, it helps people become more confident so they are able to conquer anything that steps in there way whether it be physical or emotional.  And through our training you will see exactly why we believe these things.  We will never stop believing in our clients and we will believe in them over our own egos.  Training is not about who is the best trainer but to us it is  about the way the people s lives are affected and that is our movement!

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