Experienced & Certified Staff

Our personal trainers in Mercer County, NJ, at Cornerstone Health and Wellness focus on improving functional movement in all 3 planes of motion. We utilize total body training designed to work you out the way the body is supposed to move.

Marc Bifano

Active his entire life, playing sports from 5 years. ¬†Exercise has always inspired him. ¬†Although often last chosen on sports teams as a youth, he was undeterred. (more…)

Deborah Brooks

Originally from the Bronx, NY, she started training over 10 years ago. She was first certified in NESTA and always put her functional training towards everyone she has trained. <a


Blog Posts / Fitness FAQs

How do I overcome a plateau?

Typically plateau’s happen because of adaptation to workout routines or eating habits. There are a lot of things you can do to overcome this, some of the ways are: Changing […]

How to I help and reduce lower back pain?

Learning a comprehensive stretching routine specifically designed for your body type and muscular imbalances is the best way to reduce lower back pain. This is very broad question for everyone […]

How do I lose my belly fat?

Proper Nutritional, Physical, Mental and Sleep Habits are the key to reaching this goal. By learning each of these 4 components you can be sure that your body will respond […]